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Adult's Workshop

As to my teaching activity is much I could talk about, as there is a great satisfaction seeing people grow while enjoying the experience.

My work is done in my private space, I try to keep the pupils achieved the necessary technique to enable them to create their own images. My believe is that the teacher should conduct and open the way for each of students, advanced or beginners share the same experiences.

Adult's Workshops

I work with three modelling groups all year, and during the first 4 months I hold a seminar in colour and in the second 4-month period or in the summer a course on Raku.

On Saturday mornings I give workshops at “Ernesto de la Cárcova” School on arts, a beautiful place to work in.

Colour Seminar

Another work done is for Institutions, public and private in the interior of the country and also abroad, involves seminars in perfection for teachers and artists. This is another interesting challenge as it involves having to be very up to date in everything technical world wide. This involves permanent investigation, and through on ceramics in general and my particular work.

Adult's Workshops Exposition
Generalizing, in any of the modes, the techniques are use and the style of my workshop makes for an atmosphere of group work, with everyone on the same frequency, with the same important aims, such as cooperation, shared information visits to exhibitions, the food and drink a sunny afternoon, many hours of difficult work, but also a great deal of satisfaction for having achieved it.

Children's Workshops -Teacher: Agustina Jones

For as long as I can remember I have been in contact with, art galleries and museums. I began with classes in ceramics at the age of three, at the age of six contemporary dances and later as an adolescent began theatre.

After I finished high school, I graduated with a teacher degree in “Sara Eccleston”. While in my 2nd year I began working in an institution for mentally handicapped children, in charge of the workshop.

There I taught clay modelling, collages, and painting on various materials (cardboard, wood, paper) helping to encourage the creativity and security in the children. This was a very enriching experience for me, and helps improve my work as a teacher. The children created their own works of art under my guidance, for the 2 years I worked with these groups they achieved wonderful results.

I worked in kinder gardens with children of 1 and 2 year old. At the moment I teach 3 year olds and study Education Science at the Philosophy Faculty (Buenos Aires University).

Art and education having always been close in my formation, last year I created the first art group for children in my mother’s studio. A big advantage for everyone was having from the beginning a complete and well-equipped place to work.



The workshop is meant to provide a space and the necessary technical support for the children to develop their creative possibilities.

Our work involves ceramic modelling, recycling paper (and other materials), candles, tile designs, drawings, collage, paper macé masks, etc.

The workshop offers books and magazines to allow the children a wider understanding of goings-on in the rest of the world; once or twice a year we visit museums and other workshops where exhibitions are being held.

adult's workshops
children's workshops

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