The courses proposed here were suggested in face of the impossibility encountered by some people to attend the workshop when I normally hold my classes.

The first pupil was and is, Diana Barabino: Dear Diana, what a lot we learn together!! With her I discover that through this act it is possible to develop a learning experience in certain ceramic techniques. I send her the theory notes plus the practical works, she them informs me of the results, and so the course develops.

Proposed Courses

Colour: All the possibilities of colour in low temperature ceramics are studied: oxides, salts, pigments, underglazes, glazes etc.

Raku: Beginning with the history of Raku, its philosophy and practice.

Sawdust Firing: A study of the clay to be used and possibilities of different elements in reduction.

Consultants: Various subjects or themes are stipulates and during the consulting I put forward my knowledge in a previously arranged time period. Practical subjects such flaws in lazes, kilns and firing problems, etc.
The idea of a consulting organization is ideal for those who, although have ceramic knowledge, need to improve it or have concrete doubts.

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