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Although I have been into ceramics since a child, it was not until the 70´ that I decided to let it become my way of life; both as an expression and economically, and what can been a sort of pastime had began to occupied all my time. Even in difficult moments I have never regretted it and firmly believe that those of us who can enjoy their work are privileged.

Returning to the ’70, at that moment I began giving another meaning to my ceramics and a series of Totemic forms involved in time, such as “La Familia Rocamora”, “Encajes”, “Heridas”, ”Recuerdos de Pascua”, etc. This was a result of needing to transmit feelings.

In 1997, after “Solos, Ignotos y Desesperados...” was presented in the National Award of Fine Arts I felt the need to transmit ideas, ideología, and began working in “Konstantes”, a series of murals which included mathematical formulas to facilitated the readings and better understanding. But although I personally enjoy them, this series proved difficult for the public to discern if not specialized in the study of this subject.

In 1994 Sargadelos, a porcelain pottery factory in Galicia, Spain, invited me. I have been there two years earlier on a scholarship and both were wonderful experiences. The ´94 invitation resulted in an exhibition of my work in an Art Gallery called Sargadelos, in Madrid. I work in a series called “peces” (Fishes) no doubt under the influence of the nearby Cantabrian Sea. While waiting for these pieces to dry, I made two moulds: a small egg and a bigger one. If at that moment oval shapes were not the most artistically significant although technically more complicated being of porcelain, fired at 1400º C, etc. these were always present in my mind and returned to them later on.

Five years later the oval shapes returned in a series called “Recorridos” and “Testimonios” allowing me to assert certain strong concepts which for many reasons were attractive. At the same time I began a new series called “Estudio de la mirada“.

As usual, and fortunately, even as I write I’m planning a new format for the series “Señales” and "Huellas y Señales".

Practically all my work is done in Raku. It is here that I find the natural and necessary accompaniment for my shapes. In the past few years I have entered enthusiastically into handbuilding objects, some utilitarian and others decorative, all this gives me great pleasure, all are Raku.

Last but not least I would like to say that during those years of work I have been encouraged and helped by my family, friends, pupils and colleagues, as a result of which I look forward with pleasure for the coming years.

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