Alejandra Jones was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 11th 1951.

Master in Management Education, Matanza National University. Thesis on “The Importance of Arts in Education”. Thesis Director Prof. Joé Martinez Romero.

Post grade course on “Contemporary Ceramics 2004”, Misiones National University.

Ceramic studies with masters as: Marta Kearns and Vilma Villaverde among others.

Alejandra Jones

She participated in several seminars on Cultural Management: “New Challenges in Cultural Management” National Institute of Cultural Administration; “Globalization and Cultural Management” (NICA) National Government Cultural Bureau; “Cultural Organizations Management” Fine Arts Museum.

Grant at the Seminaries of Sargadelos, Lugo, Spain (1992).

Teacher at the Direction of Cultural Extension of the of the Fine Arts High School “Ernesto de la Cárcova”. IUNA.

She wrote and published the book “Cerámica Raku, una técnica una pasión”, A. Jones-A.M. Divito, 1999, Edited by Belgrano’s University Foundation, sponsored by the Government of Buenos Aires City and the National Arts Found.

She has been jury in different national awards.


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